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Originally, this project started out as an ongoing supportive service to families who were fostering. Our thoughts were this: Foster parents are working day and night with the children who come into their care. They are with them through the night terrors, court appearances, visitations, appointments, drug withdrawals, the healing of bones, and so much more. So many times families who support these children through their trauma forget the simple act of just being a family. Our hope is that these boxes of goodies and fun will remind these families that they are not alone.

Each box is full of fun activities for the whole family to enjoy. Every month features a different theme, such as, “Movie Night” has a DVD, throw pillows, popcorn, snacks, throw blankets, etc. We currently have volunteers who have sponsored 12 families with #ProjectFosterDestiny boxes and are hoping to expand that quickly to 40 families in the next year (we have several already waiting).

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