Foster Stories

The Burns Family

How did you become involved with TruLight127 and decide to become a foster parent?

My husband and I both have worked with Foster kids in our field. We felt a calling for it. And started to research becoming a Foster Family and giving a safe and loving home to a child in need. I had reached out to the community and TruLight 127 came highly recommended! We did our research and called for more information. Trulight was so helpful, answered all my questions and more! We decided to move forward with this amazing agency. And the rest is history. 

How long have you been fostering children, and how many children have you fostered so far?

We our first time Foster Parent to one wonderfully and resilient little girl! We have now had her for 9 months! 

What kind of support and resources did TruLight127 provide to you as foster parents throughout the fostering process?

We received so much support. Our case manager Lanika has truly been a blessing, her knowledge, communication and love for the children and families shows. She and the agency itself call to check up on us. Will provide training, reminder for paper work that’s due. And give resources as needed for food, clothing and childcare as needed. 

What advice would you give to someone considering becoming a foster parent?

Fostering is loving a child no matter where they come from or background they hold. It’s to love and endure all things through this journey. Your going to become a brand new foster family and you have a lot of learning to do but so do these kiddos. Remember your not alone, your going through it together and the reward is much greater than any obstacle you will face. Love, unconditional and cherish every moment.