Back To Where It All Began

TruLight127 Ministries was originally founded in June 2015 by Sondra Ajasin. The goal was to provide supportive services to children in Texas who had a history of abuse and neglect or were at risk of being victims of abuse or neglect. By providing resources of material goods as well as training and support as needed, TruLight127 Ministries established a tangible way to support these at-risk children, by offering the families that cared for them concrete resources. Resources like diapers, wipes, backpacks, school supplies, clothes, bedding materials, and so much more!

The Ajasin family started with humble origins, running the program out of their garage. News about these available resources traveled quickly. The Ajasins held a firm belief that whether a family was licensed or not, it didn’t matter. The main goal was to offer unwavering support to those who courageously stepped up to care for children facing challenging circumstances. Thankfully, many in the community were also moved to step up and help supply these needs.

In the fall of 2015, at the encouragement of her husband Yomi, Sondra began the process of making TruLight127 Ministries not only a place of support for youth and families. It would also be where families interested in fostering and adopting could come and complete requirements to become licensed. The timeline:

December 2015: TruLight127 Ministries becomes a licensed Child Placing Agency (CPA).

 June 2016: TruLight127 Ministries gets awarded a contract with the State of Texas to place children in licensed foster family homes.

 August 2016, the Adoptions contract was awarded, and Trulight127 Ministries was able to place and complete adoptions with their licensed homes.

In 2018, seeing a real need, Sondra and Yomi set out to look at possibilities for a home for youth.

In August 2018 they purchased 10-acres at 3925 Linne Road Seguin, TX 78155. The hope: to open an emergency shelter and long-term care beds for children in need.

 In October 2019 TruLight Youth Village obtained their license and contract to be a General Residential Operation (GRO). The TruLight Youth Village opened with two homes and was able to be home for 20 children.

In 2019, the world suffered a pandemic and COVID19 impacted everyone in some way. While other operations were turning away kids, God moved and provided two more home through a private donor and TruLight Youth Village grew to 4 homes and 35 beds for children in need. The need was so great during the pandemic and the Village filled all beds within 2 weeks!

The journey to 2024 has been a journey of celebrations and heart aches. Joy when we can find safe homes and safe placement for children at the Village so we can be there for kids when things are the hardest for them. Celebrations when children are matched with their forever families or return safely to their home. To date, TruLight127 Ministries has found foster families for over 1500 children and completed 287 adoptions. There is also sadness when we see over and over the heartbreak of abuse and neglect on the most vulnerable in the families. This mission is not easy but every single child and youth that we serve is worth it!