Life Skills Friday

At TruLight Youth Village, we strive to provide so much more to the children who are in our care than just a place to stay while in foster system limbo. We believe in creating a space for our youth where they can learn and grow . . . and heal. That’s why we recently started a new program for our foster teens: Life Skills Friday.

Life Skills Friday: Meal Prep

We launched this brand new program with learning skills centered around feeding yourself and others.

The teens girls and boys are given $50 and informed of the amount of people they will need to feed. Their tasks are to plan their recipe, shop their grocery list, and cook then serve dinner.

This program has been an amazing success so far! The teens learn important skills including:

  • Organization in recipe planning
  • Budgeting/Money Management
  • Communication: the teens must learn to work together to plan & execute a meal
  • Social Skills: the teens must interact with grocery store employees

We are in need of sponsors for our Life Skills Friday: Meal Prep. We are asking for a pledge of $50 to sponsor a meal every Friday.


  • $50 H-E-B Gift Card mailed to TruLight Youth Village (click the button for the address)
  • If you’d like a tax receipt
    • Pledge your sponsor donation on our website
    • Make a recurring donation on our website