Mercy House Capital Campaign

The foster care crisis in the state of Texas isn’t getting better. Hundreds of kids sleeping in CPS offices, hotels, church cots . . . Now is the time to show mercy and step up to help these children

The Need to Grow: More Foster Families. More Houses at The Village.

When the capacity crisis began to grow in Texas we began to pray and plan out ways to help. With COVID-19 we were unable to get out in the community to recruit foster families but we are refocusing our efforts and we are increasing our outreach for foster and adoptive homes. While foster families are the best place for children we also know the great need to keep large sibling groups together and a place for teens. We have 10 acres at the TruLight Youth Village and with that is plenty of space to grow.

Mercy has a two-fold meaning. These children are at the mercy of adults decisions every single day of their lives. Meaning, they are without defense. As adults it is time to show mercy. Time to show compassion to these children who have already endured so much.

Image of TruLight Youth Village with insert of new house and added capacity to help 10 more children

Mercy House will be a home to up to 10 children in need. Mercy House will be a place of refuge and healing for children from hard places. A place to feel safe and lay down for peaceful rest. A place to rise up in the morning in their own rooms, with their own clothes, and with their siblings nearby.

TruLight Youth Village mission is to shine truth and light into the lives of children by putting James 1:27 into action. Caring for these children in the midst of their crisis. Walking side by side with them. Loving and supporting them during the hard times and celebrating with them in their joyous times.