Very very busy night last night with emergency placements. The Village took in 7 kiddos. Sibling group of 4, sibling group of 2 and a 15yr old teen girl. This little guy came to us on his birthday last night. Our amazing team jumped in and found presents in the new toys that we are getting in for Christmas and wrapped him several gifts so he could have some kind of celebration. He was the sweetest and was so happy to have that moment. Today, we celebrate with cake too!

We took all that we could last night and still more calls kept coming in. Getting close to the holidays makes placements rise every year. Add COVID and the crisis is even more intense. We are so thankful for our community who gives so much to help us help them. Now, time to go shopping for clothes, hygiene products, diapers, wipes(we got a little one) and more for 7 kids who came with absolutely nothing!

If you have started the process with us please get your things done so you can help these amazing kiddos get safe and loving homes to be in. If you haven’t jumped the gun, then why wait any longer! Kids need you! #ittakesavillage #dosomething #theyareworthit

– Sondra Ajasin, CEO TruLight127 Ministries