Parenting Tender Hearts

Trauma Training for Biological Families

TruLight127 Ministries offers an extensive Trauma Informed Care and TBRI training for biological families and kinship foster placements.

The program for biological parents and kinship caregivers is six weeks long and includes follow up case management services to graduates of this training course.

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    Educates and informs the participant on the topic of trauma. The module defines trauma and complex trauma. It educates on the physical, mental, and emotional reactions to traumatic events as well as educating the participant on the long-term effects of trauma on children. This module introduces the student to the TBRI method as a positive intervention in the lives of children suffering from trauma.

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    Defines for the participant exactly what TBRI is and it addresses the importance of building trust and the importance of attachment in infancy. Module 2 introduces the participant to the term, “Children from hard places” and makes the connection between the effectiveness of the TBRI method and children who have suffered traumatic experiences. Module two lays the foundation of TBRI by exploring the basic principles of empowering, connecting, and correcting.

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    Defines “felt safety” and the importance of “felt safety” in the healing process of children overcoming trauma. Module 3 gives the participant tangible ways to create an environment of felt safety within the home and within the hearts and minds of their children. It delves more deeply into the principle of empowering and illustrates the importance of empowering our children. It explores the Empowering Strategies through giving definitions and examples of both Physiological and Ecological Strategies that can be utilized to empower children.

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    Introduces the participant to the connecting principles of the TBRI method. It stresses the importance of understanding the different types of attachment in children and the skills of attachment. It gives the participant important and “real life” ways to connect with and engage their children using TBRI engagement strategies. Module 4 stresses the importance of being present and spending quality time with our children.

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    The Ideal Response: Guides the participants through the IDEAL Response method of correction in TBRI. This module highlights the skills necessary for the method to work. It takes the participant step by step through the process and gives real life scenarios. The fifth module also goes through a list of family rules that reinforces that fact that all family members are to be honored, respected, and loved.

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    Overcoming Barriers and Obstacles: Discusses TBRI in the real world. Things go wrong, we have good days and bad, and sometimes we encounter barriers to success in life. Module 6 also tackles the delicate and sometimes painful discussion regarding trauma in the lives of parents and how that trauma can affect the way that we interact with our children. Module 6 offers insight into ways to improve overall health and a parent and how to heal from past hurts.


    Each graduate of the Parenting Tender Hearts Program will be assigned a Case Manager who will come to their home and complete a Home Assessment. This assessment a look into family resources, structure of the home, and will decide how often a Case Manager will need to visit the family. Case Management Service are available for the family for up to 2 years. We ask that the family engage in the services for a minimum of six months with the children in the home for that period of time.