We had an amazing art class at TruLight127, where our talented young artists painted beautiful sea turtles! The creativity and enthusiasm were truly inspiring.

The children learned about the importance of sea turtles in our ecosystem and the need to protect these magnificent creatures. They used a variety of colors and techniques to bring their paintings to life, showcasing their individual styles and imagination.

Here at TruLight127, we believe in the power of art to nurture self-expression, boost confidence, and promote positive emotional well-being. Through this art class, we not only provided a creative outlet for the children but also fostered an appreciation for nature and environmental conservation.

The smiles on their faces as they proudly displayed their artwork were priceless.  We’re incredibly proud of our young artists and grateful to our dedicated art instructors who guided them through the process.

We would like to extend a special thanks to our generous instructor Ms. Robyn, for providing all the materials needed for this wonderful art class. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Stay tuned for more exciting activities and events at TruLight127. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of these amazing kids.