Golf enthusiasts, generous donors, and dedicated volunteers recently came together for an unforgettable day on the greens. Our inaugural golf tournament, held on October 17, 2023, was a resounding success, proving that a shared passion for golf can be harnessed to make a positive impact on the lives of children. Here’s a glimpse into the highlights of the day and the heartwarming moments that made it truly special.

A Morning of Preparation and Delicious Tacos

Before hitting the fairways, golfers had the chance to fine-tune their swings with practice balls. The morning sun, combined with the aroma of freshly prepared breakfast tacos, created a welcoming atmosphere. As golfers savored these delectable bites, they knew they were fueling up not just for the game but for a greater purpose.

Tournament Highlights

As the clock struck 8:30 AM, the tournament officially teed off. Golfers displayed their remarkable skills and camaraderie, creating a vibrant and competitive atmosphere. The day was filled with laughter, friendly banter, and a shared commitment to changing the world, one child at a time.

Changing the World, One Child at a Time

The success of our inaugural golf tournament isn’t just measured by the swings or scores—it’s measured by the collective effort to improve the lives of children in need. Together, we’ve taken a significant step toward this goal. The generosity, enthusiasm, and dedication of the golfers, donors, and volunteers who made this event possible are truly inspiring.

As we wrap up this memorable day, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who participated and supported our cause. We look forward to continuing this journey of change and making a lasting impact on the lives of children. Together, we’re proving that when you combine a love for golf with a love for community, incredible things can happen. Stay tuned for more exciting events and opportunities to make a difference in the future.

Tournament Winners

Longest Drive: Mark Sunderman

Closest to the Pin: Jacob Thormaehlen

Overall Winners: Schertz Bank & Trust with a score of 56