Chief Human Resource Officer
Brief info

Cynthia is an accomplished professional with over 20 years of experience in business management and human resources. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Biola University, where she gained a solid foundation in her field. Cynthia's passion lies in working directly with people, as she finds great satisfaction in helping individuals succeed in their respective roles.

With a strong focus on human resources, Cynthia has developed expertise in conflict resolution and problem-solving. She excels in navigating complex situations and finding effective solutions that benefit both individuals and the organization as a whole. Her extensive experience has equipped her with a deep understanding of the dynamics and challenges of the workplace.

Outside of her professional life, Cynthia is a devoted wife and mother. She shares her life with her husband Kevin, and together they have raised three children. As a family-oriented individual, Cynthia values spending quality time with her loved ones, and her five grandchildren that bring her immense joy and happiness.

In her free time, Cynthia enjoys the tranquility of the beach and being immersed in nature. She embraces an active and healthy lifestyle, making time for regular exercise and prioritizing her well-being. Cynthia's commitment to maintaining her physical and mental health enables her to approach her work with energy and enthusiasm.