Dear 2020 Donors,

We want to thank all of you for your support during what has been a challenging year for all of us.

At TruLight127, our mission is to shine truth and light into the world of hurting children. Children who, by no choice of their own are in traumatic situations and need us to be their voice. We truly believe that #everychildisworthit and that is why we have focused our programs on providing the love and support that these kids need to lead productive lives.

Wrapping around foster families and kinship families with tangible services and support gives them the strength and knowledge they need to care for these children for as long as needed or if adoption occurs then for the rest of their lives. By doing so, we can change the course of their lives to be a productive citizen of society full of hopes, dreams and ambition to do more. We cannot achieve this high goal without the help of generous people like you.

In September 2019, we officially opened the TruLight Youth Village with 20 beds. Here at the Village, children can find love, safety and nurturing. We are able to provide a home for children who may not find a home together. Sibling groups and teens have been our focus. In October 2020, we opened two new homes that allowed us to have a total of 35 beds! Since our opening in 2019, we have been able to help a total of 133 kids at the Village!

Thanks to generous donors like yourself, we closed out 2020 with a bang!

  • We were able to find 275 kids a safe, loving home.
  • We licensed 66 homes to become foster families; 23 of those were kinship families.
  • We found 48 kids a forever home (adoptions).
  • Since 2016, we found a safe home for 930 kids and 178 forever homes!

We truly appreciate all of your support for our work with children from hard places. Thank you for being a ‘TruLight Angel’ #ittakesavillage to impact the lives of kids and we cannot do that without the help of amazing people like you!

With great gratitude,

Sondra Ajasin
CEO and Founder, TruLight127 Ministries, Inc.