We were really blessed before the thick of COVID to have raised $100,000+ which was matched by the Wade Richmond Foundation. We cannot thank their foundation enough for their match and to thank YOU enough for you help in getting us to that goal!

We pondered as to how to spend those funds raised in April responsibly and, of course, adding homes to our village were top of our mind because helping more kids & teens placed into foster care is priority #1!

We researched it and the costs of adding another house, even a double-wide were astronomical … but we prayed for the answer to this and God heard us! Want to know how? Listen in:

The first house arrived on July 24th … just a little over a week after our “Angel Donor” told us to pull the trigger!

Here’s the second house coming into the Village. This house is really the 4th house in the village and it’s really looking like a Village now.

“It Takes A Village to SAVE a Child”