This is really house #4 at TruLight Youth Village, which is the first emergency shelter for foster children in Guadalupe County, TX. There are already two existing houses at the Village that 20 children & teens (at any given time) currently call “home”.

This is house #2 of the two new homes donated by an anonymous donor in July of 2020. See house #1 arrive!

The addition of these two new homes to our “Village” all started with a phone call from an anonymous donor who told us to find what we needed and purchase it. They would support us. We found the double wides at the price we felt best, paid, and closed the next week and then they were delivered!

“When God says ‘move’, he means MOVE! And he does things a whole lot quicker than man, ” says TruLight127 CEO Sondra Ajasin, “we had people say that it wasn’t possible to do something within two weeks, that from other dealers, but God said ‘I want those houses here.'”

UPDATE: Please see the rest of our videos in this playlist for a historical timeline of this amazing gift to our foster children & teens!

To Donate: To help furnish these homes for the kids

To Donate in General: Text TRUKIDS to 41444 or click here!

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