Our Dream for Foster Children

No More Kids Sleeping in CPS Office

TruLight Youth Village is the first emergency shelter for foster kids in Guadalupe County.

This is such an important endeavor because we will provide a safe, stable home for the foster children of Guadalupe County and surrounding areas as well as children from Bexar County. Bexar is the biggest county in our Region 8 which is ovewhelmed with so many cases and oftentimes there’s not enough beds that children have to sleep in the offices of CPS.

We cannot let this happen any longer.

picture comparing the growth of TruLight Youth Village from 2020 to 2021

TruLight Youth Village sits upon 10+ acres in Seguin, Guadalupe County.

The Master Plan of the Village is to have a total of 8 buildings, homes for various age levels of kids.

TruLight127 already has five homes finished and furnished with a capacity to sleep 45 children and/or teens.

The Vision & Dream

TruLight Village Addresses 3 Major Issues
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    Children sleeping in the CPS office due to lack of beds for children removed from abusive situations
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    Lack of homes/resources for children ages ten and older
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    Lack of support for families who are taking these children in their homes

The Want, The Need

TruLight127’s Youth Village will be a safe haven for children of all ages where we can fullfill their immediate needs for an emergency home:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Counseling
  • Life Skills
  • Developmental Therapies
  • Educational Needs
Emergency Shelters

These homes will be a safe haven for a short time while we recruit, train, and certify quality homes for the children. Trainings will also include those biological family members willing to step up and keep the children with family (kinship placements).

Homes for Foster Teens

We want to find homes for all children, but we know that many kids in the system end up staying in foster care for years and even aging out. Our Intermediate Homes and Graduate Homes will be a place for those children for as long as they need us.

We want to educate and guide these youth to success. In Texas, once a child is in foster care they can attend a state university or occupational school at no cost. The majority never take advantage of this. We want to encourage them to do so by providing the guidance and resources to be a successful contributing member of society.

Lifeskill Experiences

We will have gardens, recreational activities, therapies, animals, and many opportunities to learn new things. Many of these children have not had the chance to learn these types of skills: housework, social interaction, etc. We believe equipping each child with skills will give them the self-esteem and knowledge that they have a voice and deserve to be heard.

For our older youth, we will partner with local businesses to provide internship programs and jobs. Our graduate cabins will allow those in our program over the age of 18 that are in school/working to have a home to live in and a place of stability while they transition into adulthood

On-Site Family Training

The Village will also provide opportunities for the families of children from hard places to be trained in TBRI (Trust-Based Relational Intervention), Trauma Informed Care, Educational Concerns, and much more. The Village will reach out to biological, kinship, foster, and adoptive families to provide them with the tools they need to succeed.

Join Us!

We say, “It Takes A Village to Save A Child” and in this case, we need a village now more than ever! This is a most ambitious project for TruLight127 Ministries and these children will need the continued support of our community!