The crisis of orphans in the United States can be overwhelming. Hundreds of children just in Texas are being abused, neglected, and/or trafficked on a daily basis. Many of us sit in our comfort zones and say to ourselves, “it’s too much”, “I am just one person”, “I have nothing to offer”, or “the problem is too big”.

The truth is that this problem is too big to handle with one person, but if each person steps up and takes a stand to:

“Do for ONE what you wish you could do for all”
-Sondra Ajasin, TruLight127 CEO

The truth is that everyone can #dosomething. Together we can make a difference.

Can you cook a meal for a family who just took in a new foster placement or adoptive placement? Can you donate monetarily or organize a school or church group to gather much-needed supplies? Can you write birthday cards? Can you put together Care Packages for new placements? Can you spread the word by working a booth, talking to your church, or talk to others? Can you advocate?

Other Volunteer Ideas:

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Our Mission is to shine truth and light in to the world of hurting children.

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