Imagine you’re 5-years old . . .

you’ve just been removed from your home,

and you’re sitting in an office with your three siblings

while strange people walk around talking

about things you don’t understand.

You’re numb, scared, and confused, then your ears perk up when you hear, “no one will take all four of them”, “no one wants the oldest kid so maybe the 5-year-old can go by herself”, “some of them may have to sleep here in the office.”

These statements send even more fear in your heart as thoughts race through your mind, “First, I was pulled out of my bed in the middle of the night. Then they said I can’t be with my mom anymore. Now, my brothers and sisters are going to be taken from me!”

Sadly, these thoughts are reality for so many children in our community.

First, they lose their parents, schools, homes, neighborhoods, friends, plus so much more, and then they wait for the verdict of whether they will be placed together or separated from their siblings.

They wait and hear they’re too old, not the right race, not good enough for someone to say ‘yes’ to.

So many sibling groups get split up because families don’t have space for more than one or two kids, or they only want the younger kids in the group and not the older youth.

These kids lose everything when they are removed and then they lose each other. Some only get to see each other one hour every week or every other week and for some, they are split across the state and only get phone calls and zoom once or twice a month. Many have survived unthinkable trauma and need each other for safety, love, and survival. The oldest child often becomes the parent to the younger children and the younger children have only known their big sis or big brother’s love.

Today, in the state of Texas, there are thousands of kids in foster care and many of them find themselves in situations just like this one.

This past summer, even though we had empty beds, we had to say no to 36 sets of sibling groups because we didn’t have the financial resources to say yes. The financial struggle since COVID and inflation has taken its toll, and our hearts broke every time we had to say no.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Will You Help?

Children in Foster Care

You can help keep siblings together so that these children who have endured so much don’t have to deal with the trauma of losing their siblings.

As 2022 wraps up, would you consider helping make sure we can open up all our beds to children in need so that siblings can stay together this holiday season?

Will you say “yes” to kids in need and help keep siblings together by making a year-end gift to TruLight127 Ministries?

How Can You Help?

Children in Foster Care

There are so many ways you can help these children experience the gift of family, love and safety. Here are just a few:

Your gift of $5000 can cover one month of TruLight Youth Village utilities.

Your gift of $3500 can cover the cost of one month of care for one child

Your gift of $2500 can cover outings for 12-15 teenagers, send 4 kids to summer camps, or provide meals for an entire year of foster parent trainings

Your gift of $1000 can cover gas for transporting kids to visits, sport practices, work and appointments, one month of haircuts for 35 kids, or the entire cost of 2 six-week classes in our Teen Human Trafficking Program.

Your gift of $500 can sponsor 1 kid for summer sports camps & equipment, buy back to
school clothes for 2 kids, or take care of 1 youth’s monthly allowance for an entire year.

Your gift of $300 can pay for school sports fees/uniforms/practice gear for 1 child, back to school clothes for 1 child, or help 1 teen attend prom.

Your gift of $200 can help boost the self-esteem of a teen by purchasing a pair of name brand shoes, pay for 1 elementary kid’s school pics, book fair money, and extracurricular activities/friends birthday parties, or fund an entire summer of fun activities for 1 child.

Can You Help?

Children in Foster Care

Can you help provide care for a sibling group that has nowhere else to go in their time of need?

You can give today online or you can snail mail us your gift at:
TruLight127 Ministries, Inc. P.O. Box 129 Marion, TX 78124

Thank you in advance for considering this request! More importantly, thank you for being you! Kind, caring, compassionate. We are so grateful that children in our community can count on you in their time of need.

All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by current law. We recommend checking with your tax advisor as to the deductibility of your donation.

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